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Can you even “force” someone to orgasm?!

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  1. Your dilemma is probably “Why would you need to force orgasm upon someone? Isn’t orgasm supposed to be a pleasant and desirable thing?” The thing is, orgasms can be very violent and strong and sometimes they feel like something inside you is going to blow up. Sometimes, we instinctively run away from that feeling, even though we know it’s ultimately going to bring us immense pleasure. Sometimes, a woman (or a man, but more often a woman) wants to avoid or escape an orgasm, if it is too intense or if it makes her uncomfortable for any possible reason. That’s where forced orgasms come in. The subject is usually heavily bound and/or restrained so they cannot escape the stimulation that is going to lead to one or a series of intense (even violent) orgasms. The partner (it’s usually a Dom) then uses intense stimulation, for example with a vibrator. Stimulation, combined with the fact that the subject is restrained, which contributes to the pleasure, in a way, leads to a series of “forced” orgasms.

    JasmineXXX - Feb 24, 2017 | Reply

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