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How does a chastity belt work exactly?

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2 Answers

  1. The male chastity belt.
    Basically it prevents an erection. A soft penis is much smaller than a hard one. A metal (or plastic) tube encases the soft penis .This tube is locked to a ring which fits behind the balls(scrotum). The ring must not be too small or the device will cut off circulation, nor can it be too large or it will be easy to remove even if locked. To facilitate a better fit , some chastity rings can be separated in two parts, or be hinged. This makes a tighter fit possible.
    Some chastity devices have pins which cause pain if an erection begins. Some also use a piercing through the penis to lock the device on with.
    All chastity devices have a hole or urethral tube which allows urine to pass through.

    proncypony - Feb 05, 2017 | Reply

  2. Modern chastity belts are surprisingly tolerable. I’ve seen some designs and pictures of medieval chastity belts and those look so painful and inconvenient. Modern designs follow those examples, especially the Florentine-type belts, but they are much more comfortable. Both male and female chastity belts are, well, belts, that go around your waist and are secured with a padlock in the back. Male chastity belt may have a penis tube and additional cover that prevents pinching (many female models have that as well). The penis is inserted through a ring and then inside the tube, which prevents erection. Female belts (cages) may have a built-in dildo that is supposed to stay inside the vagina permanently (that is, until the belt is removed), and some models come with butt plugs as well. The keyholder is the person controlling when the belt goes on and off. The belt/cage may have a key and padlock, and the key, naturally, stays with the keyholder at all times. Some models have plastic tags with numbers and those are particularly useful for users who want to be able to remove the cage in case of an emergency even if the keyholder is not around to unlock it (provided the keyholder is willing to reveal the combination). There are metal chastity belts and plastic ones. Metal ones are preferred in time-limited scenes because of their dramatic appearance and elegance, and the plastic ones are more hygienic, comfortable and convenient, and are therefore more suitable for prolonged use. Hope this helped!

    Professor - Feb 06, 2017 | Reply

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