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how does forced orgasm work exactly?

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  1. Forced orgasm play implies that the orgasm (or orgasms) achieved are involuntary or “involuntary.” Like anything else in BDSM, forced orgasm play requires consent. This is very important because most people use some form of restraints so there has to be consent, as well as a safe word, although , in my personal experience, it is rarely employed. The whole point of forced orgasm is to stimulate your partner to the point of reaching climax and then, if the person is known to get multiple orgasms, to continue the stimulation and get as many orgasms (or one very prolonged orgasm) as possible. The way to do this depends from couple to couple and from person to person, still, in many cases, a vibrator or a similar toy is used, combined with vaginal , anal or finger penetration. The submissive partner, who is receiving the forced orgasm, will try to wiggle and escape, which is why restraints are often used. Alternatively, the dominant partner can hold the sub down using his own strength or body weight.

    Varda - Jan 18, 2017 | Reply

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