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2 Answers

how to pick a good safe word?

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2 Answers

  1. Pick something that’s easy to remember but also something that’s not in your usual vocabulary when your having sex

    Morris22 - Jan 18, 2017 | Reply

  2. This is a very good and a very important question. In BDSM, safeword is EVERYTHING. If you know your partner well, then you won’t have a hard time picking a word that is unusual and easy to remember at the same time. Do not make your safe word “STOP” or “PLEASE” or anything like that. That defies the whole point of BDSM. Don’t use a “funny” word either – you don’t want to start laughing in the middle of a serious play! Pick something random, but, again, something that is both easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Another important thing is that if you are going to engage in a play that will reduce or impair your partners ability to speak (mouth gags, etc), you have to use a safe signal and you have to think this one carefully too. If your partners arms and hands are going to be restrained, hand signals are out of the question. Blinking is not a good idea either. My partner and I sometimes use an object that the partner holds in hand. When the time comes to use the signal, she simply drops the object. We use metal cuffs that are very loud when dropped so they make a good signal.

    Varda - Jan 18, 2017 | Reply

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