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Sub drop – what’s it like?

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  1. For me, it doesn’t start until the next day. Usually after I meet with my partner we cuddle for a while after the scene (though it’s not really a scene per se, more like sex with several different BDSM elements, but it does get pretty heavy and rough for me) we cuddle and talk and smoke a cigarette and then I go home. When I wake up all sore and bruised, I have these images from last night in my head and I instantly get wet all over again, but there is also this looming feeling of melancholy, tearfulness, neediness and sometimes, yes, depression. This can take a while to clear out, but it’s usually no longer than one day. The next day I feel absolutely fine. I crave attention from my partner during my sub drop phase, and since we already discussed it, he makes sure to give me what I need. We don’t see each other that day but we text and email a lot and sometimes talk on the phone. Just nice, warm, loving words and frequent check-ins from him to make sure I’m alright, that’s usually all it takes for me to get through it. But the point is, I need it from HIM. No other form of consolation or support will make me feel better. I’ve also noticed that the severity of my sub drop is not proportional to the amount of violence (in the lack of a better term) I am exposed to from him, but to the amount of sexual pleasure I derive from it. Basically, more orgasms I have, the worse I’m going to feel the next day. Anyway, that’s just my experience with sub drop, I know different subs take it in a different way, for example many subs start feeling lousy the moment the scene is over, but for me it’s the following day.

    Delilah Moan - Feb 06, 2017 | Reply

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