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What does it mean to be “collared”?

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My bf and I are into D/s BDSM and have already done a lot of things that might be considered “advanced” and now he tells me, all solemn and serious, he wants to collar me. In fact, he arranged a little romantic dinner and got dressed real nice like he was proposing when the “popped” the collar question. More of a demand, really, than a question, but I guess it only makes sense he does it that way. Anyway, I can see that being collared is definitely more than just wearing a collar occasionally for fun or for specific plays and scenes, and I realize there’s much more symbolism to that, but I’m just not sure. If I receive (note I’m not saying “accept” – not like he needs my permission or anything) the collar, will I have to wear it all the times? To work too? So far our lifestyle has been, well, a private thing. Only a few friends know what we’re doing at home and what kind of clubs and houses we go to. I have nothing against being collared, in fact I’m looking forward to it, I just don’t know if I’m ready to deal with the questions and looks from others.

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