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What is orgasm denial?

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What exactly is orgasm denial? Is it necessarily a part of BDSM play? What’s the point of it anyway?

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  1. Orgasm denial, which is also known as erotic sexual denial, refers to a sexual practice that involves maintaining a state of high sexual arousal for a long time, without an orgasm in the end. This kind of sex play is commonly associated with BDSM. During this sex play, the dominant partner stimulates the sub until the submissive one reaches the very brink of orgasm. The dominant partner then suddenly stops, depriving the sub of an orgasm. The whole process can be repeated as many times as both partners want. There are a few different types of erotic sexual denial – one of them is named tease and denial, where the genitals are directly stimulated until the recipient is ready to reach climax, but then the Dom stops without letting the Sub experience orgasm. Another type is tie and tease, which can be considered an extended version of tease and denial. The presence of bondage increases the intensity of the play and makes the Sub feel more erotically submissive. In the end, there is total denial, where genital stimulation is completely excluded. It often involves the use of chastity belts. Erotic sexual denial can lead to a better control of orgasms and the participants can either learn to hold them back or to orgasm on command.

    joseph - Dec 28, 2016 | Reply

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